I am so excited! Beyond excited!

Finally, after hours spent either sitting in bushes watching & waiting, or wandering around following little trails & trying to work out which holes were active, then working out where to put a trail camera whilst getting stung by nettles, poked by twigs, scratched by brambles & spending lots of time looking like I’d been dragged out of a hedge, finally, I got some footage of a badger!!

I get really disheartened when I see photographs that I aspire to achieve myself, only to find out the animals have been baited, or the picture is set up, or taken of a captive animal and none of this information is included in the description.

Personally, I refuse to use any kind of bait to get my shots, so what you see, are animals in their natural habitat, displaying natural behaviour.

I will never distress or disturb an animal just to get “that shot” I may not get as many shots or those of a commercial standard as others do, but when I do get a picture I’m proud of, I’m even more proud of the fact that I’ve had to work for it, study the subject and have taken time to learn about the animals behaviour etc.

The pictures here are taken from the video clip ~ prior to this I have had clips of birds, rats, moving plants & sometimes nothing at all as I’d put the camera in the wrong position!

Making the whole experience even better, was the fact my children were involved from start to finish.

I took them out with me early evening & set the camera up, the skies opened, the sun shone & we saw the most beautiful double rainbow I have ever seen! We stood at the edge of the field and watched it get brighter & brighter, simply stunning.

I’d usually wait until they were at school to go and get the camera back as mornings are always rather hectic! But my youngest asked if we could go get it beforehand so off we went. When we got home, they quickly ate breakfast, I made their lunch boxes & then it was time to see if we’d caught anything on camera!

It started off with about 6 clips of a baby robin ~ which were actually very cute & a welcome change from rats! Then, the next clip was clearly a night-time one, I pressed play, a black & white face appeared, the 3 of us shrieked with delight! Just brilliant!

Snapshot 3 (19-05-2015 10-51)

Two very excited children & an equally excited mummy headed off on the school run ~ a fantastic start to the day!


Crying doesn’t get the hedge cut!

I managed to get out for a walk Saturday…

Featured image

It was a lovely walk, through the woods and then onto a track where the colour of the trees was beautiful. I’ve added a ‘glamour glow’ to the picture, thought I’d snazz it up a bit, we could all do with a bit of snazzing up at times!

Whilst out, I thought that my next post would be about feeling tranquil in the woods, how the last remaining bluebells were casting a purple haze over the ground, the heady smell of wild garlic filled the air & the beautiful colours from the newly emerged copper beech leaves shone like… well, you get the idea.. but no, this post is going to be about my garden!

You know when you get to that point when you’ve put something off for so long that you just can’t put it off anymore? Well that’s what happened with my garden ~ or more precisely, the huge, falling over hedge!

I bought a hedge cutter a while back & it’s just been sat in the box taunting me ~ Saturday became the day to try it out!

After unpacking it, clearing up the mess (how much packaging?!) & donning my gardening gloves, I strode outside & looked at the task ahead.This is when the height & state of the hedge hit me, along with the overwhelming realisation of the rest of the work that needed doing.

It didn’t take long for the “I can do this!” mentality to change to a despairing “I can’t do this!” so I did what any other over emotional person would do in that situation.. I sat down; I looked around; I felt sorry for myself; I cried!

At one point, I wondered if perhaps I should have stayed married so “he” could deal with the hedge (quickly deciding that probably wasn’t the best basis for a marriage!!)

After wallowing in my own self pity for a short time, I said out loud “Come on, crying won’t get the hedge cut” & up I got.

I brandished that hedge cutter like warrior with a sword, I battled that monstrous hedge & am happy to say….

“I won!”

Not a clue what I’m doing but let’s see how it goes!

So I have a blog ~ I think!

I’m assuming I’ve set things up correctly but what is it they (whoever they are) say about assuming? “Don’t assume as it makes an ass out of u & me” something like that anyhow.

The purpose of this? Well, people are forever telling me I should write (maybe I have an irritating voice that they don’t want to hear, or maybe this way they get to choose what random waffles they ‘have’ to endure) anyhow, I do get told it frequently and although I am a shy person, once people start to get to know me and I share some of my life experiences, “You should write a book” invariably crops up at some point!

They (again, whoever ‘they’ are) say that everyone has one book in them, I have about 20, they’re all intertwined and mixed together & I don’t know where to start to unravel them. I figured if I started blogging instead, I could get some of the words that constantly fill my mind written down & try to straighten them out.

Photo Therapy ~ see, I was trying to be clever with my title, Phototherapy “The use of light in the treatment of physical or mental illness” whereas I use photography for the mental health issues I have dealt with and still deal with on a daily basis. Sadly, there’s still a big stigma about such issues so I pop a smile on my face every day and try to get on with life the best I can. The majority of people I know have no idea about the turmoil and angst that I battle with (or try to accept) on pretty much a daily basis.

I’m hoping that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I will not only be helping myself, but may even help someone else along the way, so feel free to either sit with me & have a cuppa, or pop your boots on & lets walk at least a little part of this journey ‘they’ call life together.