‘That moment’

Sometimes, you are in a place where by chance you end up seeing a snippet of someone’s most emotionally intimate moment.

Through no will of theirs or your own, you become a part of it just for the briefest of moments and a fragment of that moment becomes a part of you as well.

You see their tears, their desperation, their heartache and you know their lives will never be the same. You see that look, the one of being lost, eyes searching for someone to make sense of what they have been told, for more answers to questions unasked, or for someone to tell them that it’s all just a horrible nightmare that they’ll wake from soon.

Then, almost as immediately as that intense rawness is there, self-preservation takes hold and although life is falling down around them, you see that inner strength begin to take control. Strength that may not last for long but only seconds before seemed impossible.

This inbuilt strength enables them to give comfort to those they are with, those who are suffering and trapped in that moment too.

That moment, the one where the rest of the world ceases to exist, that moment which suddenly becomes the centre of the universe, the only place that matters and all the now insignificant worries that seemed so important before, vanish into the ether.

The fragility of life becomes a harsh reality in these moments, these seconds where life is changed indefinitely.

Time is so very precious, this moment right now is the only moment you can ever be fully sure of and sometimes, by being in a place where by chance yours and others stories briefly entwine, we are reminded of what is truly important and priority in our own lives.


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