Crying doesn’t get the hedge cut!

I managed to get out for a walk Saturday…

Featured image

It was a lovely walk, through the woods and then onto a track where the colour of the trees was beautiful. I’ve added a ‘glamour glow’ to the picture, thought I’d snazz it up a bit, we could all do with a bit of snazzing up at times!

Whilst out, I thought that my next post would be about feeling tranquil in the woods, how the last remaining bluebells were casting a purple haze over the ground, the heady smell of wild garlic filled the air & the beautiful colours from the newly emerged copper beech leaves shone like… well, you get the idea.. but no, this post is going to be about my garden!

You know when you get to that point when you’ve put something off for so long that you just can’t put it off anymore? Well that’s what happened with my garden ~ or more precisely, the huge, falling over hedge!

I bought a hedge cutter a while back & it’s just been sat in the box taunting me ~ Saturday became the day to try it out!

After unpacking it, clearing up the mess (how much packaging?!) & donning my gardening gloves, I strode outside & looked at the task ahead.This is when the height & state of the hedge hit me, along with the overwhelming realisation of the rest of the work that needed doing.

It didn’t take long for the “I can do this!” mentality to change to a despairing “I can’t do this!” so I did what any other over emotional person would do in that situation.. I sat down; I looked around; I felt sorry for myself; I cried!

At one point, I wondered if perhaps I should have stayed married so “he” could deal with the hedge (quickly deciding that probably wasn’t the best basis for a marriage!!)

After wallowing in my own self pity for a short time, I said out loud “Come on, crying won’t get the hedge cut” & up I got.

I brandished that hedge cutter like warrior with a sword, I battled that monstrous hedge & am happy to say….

“I won!”


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