Another day, another diet!

Organised, I must be organised ~ I have the motivation, I can do this, I will do this!

The alarm is set for 6am, the exercise gear is placed neatly by my bed ready for my early start.

My children don’t need to get up until 7.30am so that gives me an hour & a half to exercise, get showered & ready for the day. Easy, no sweat (hmm, ok.. there should actually be sweat) I have my meals sorted for the coming week, I am focussed, I am prepared.

Now, as I have been so good in my preparation I feel I deserve a last treat before the week begins.. it doesn’t matter that all I’ve done over the weekend is ‘treat’ myself, I still need that final naughty fix.

The trouble is, the cupboards are empty now of snacks & goodies, this makes my desire for chocolate even stronger! It’s 10pm, I can’t go to the shop as the children are fast asleep.. or could I? NO!!! Strike that thought immediately!

There is a box of chocolate mini rolls sat looking at me, I don’t really like them very much so they’re safe and besides that, they’re for school lunch boxes so I need to leave them alone.

As I’m thinking this, the idea of a gooey melted mini roll comes to mind & I can think of nothing else, before I know it, 2 (yes 2!!) have been unwrapped, put into a bowl and popped into the microwave for 30 seconds.

Heaven… sticky, warm, gooey, satisfying, chocolate heaven & it would be silly to leave that last bit of wine to go stale now wouldn’t it?! I mean, I can’t drink it this week, not now I’m so dedicated & organised!

I went to bed not long after, tummy full & content, head slightly fuzzy and I fell into a deep sleep.


The alarm!! What is this?? Why have I done such a thing? Ah yes!! Today’s the day!! The ‘New Me’ day.. I look at my clothes on the floor, I pull the duvet up a little higher & hit snooze, it’s not going to take an hour & a half now is it? I don’t need to get up quite so early. The same thought occurred to me 5 minutes later when the alarm sounded again, after hitting snooze 3 times I then cancelled it completely, closed my eyes, 2 more minutes and I’ll…..


The alarm goes off. Time to get up, get the children up, get breakfast made, lunch boxes, where are the mini rolls?? Oh, it’s all coming back to me.

Maybe tomorrow!


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