I lost the car!!!

So the plan (that wasn’t really a plan as such, more of a swirly floaty idea) was to start sharing some of the ‘deep & meaningful’ things that come into my mind all the time, which I then spend an age pondering but I HAVE to share this as I am SO embarrassed!

My little girl is off school poorly today, I have a day free from work so planned on going out with my camera as it seems like ages since I’ve taken any photographs. I phoned her daddy to see if he was able to come sit with her for an hour whilst I went out for a quick walk & did some shopping, thankfully he was free so once he arrived off I went.

I’m known for being a bit ditzy at times, I have no sense of direction whatsoever and could get lost on a straight road! (Makes my walks interesting, last weekend I was lost in some woods when a buzzard flew through the tree’s, I decided that was a sign so followed it the best I could! Worked though ~ got to the edge of the woods and recognised the field I was in!)

Oops… I digress! Where was I? Oh yes, so, I decided to drive to the lakes but the road was shut & I got confused with the diversion signs!! I thought I’d go do my bit of shopping & then go to the other lake that is closer to my house.

I should say, in my defence, I only got my car 2 days ago, so when I came out of the rather large shopping store into the huge car park, I think I can be forgiven for not being able to see my car! The one I had before had pink flowers stuck all over it so it was quite obvious (so long as you were looking in the general direction!) where it was, but this one is a pretty generic dark blue/black colour, as were most of the other cars there today!

I wandered up & down the rows, smiling to myself over my own silliness when a lovely lady came up to me & asked if I was ok!

“Ummm… yes, but, I’ve lost my car”

She smiled fondly at me (a look I have become quite accustomed to over the years!) and said she would help me.I told her the make, the colour & the first part of the number plate (luckily a friend had pointed out that it was the same numbers at the main road that leads into my town or I’d not have had a clue what it was!) I also told her I remember it being parked quite near a bollard! Maybe not the most helpful of things BUT much more helpful than when I’d lost another car as I couldn’t find the distinctive van I’d cunningly parked it next to!

Well with 2 of us on the case (she was blonde too so the ‘it’s a blonde thing’ comments I have since received from friends can’t be true!) we found my car quite quickly & with lots of thank you’s bestowed upon this kind lady, I scurried off to my car & jumped in with a sigh of relief.

My walk at the lake was quite dull in comparison so I came home & had a cuppa!


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